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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The South Bound Music Festival…and Them

About three or four years ago my husband and his brother David had a brain love child. A radio show recorded in the basement of David’s house and played online like a pod cast once a week. They started off small, had 1000 talking points(ie R.E.M their favorite band) and got some listeners, but not enough to make it seem real. But then Birmingham Mountain Radio came along, an Internet based radio station that played the alternative rock, indie pop, classic sound Birmingham was missing. BMR took them on as a DJ act and Southbound became real. Southbound’s genre was local music/musicians and for the past two years they have been promoting and inviting local bands and acts to play live every Sunday night from 7-9pm. The show works, not only because the music scene in Birmingham is so strong and endless but also because the Seale brothers bring so much more to the table with their unique banter. I may be bias, but they get laughs from strangers just walking down the street together witnessing their brotherly antics. They both have a flavored music backgrounds and that god given talent to entertain. Both Michael and David have a lead singer rock band background and David is practically a one-man band.

The best news today is that BMR is now on 107.3 FM. This is a huge for the station and for all the DJ’s involved. Local celebrities such as, Scott Register and other notable DJs including The Seale Brothers, the Lochamy’s, Dru Cunningham, Kenn McKracken, John D and Lee Shook are all on the airwaves coming to you from your car radio.

I would be lying if I said I am personally part of the music scene here in Birmingham, but my husband is. He is immersed in everything local music, therefore I appreciate and love it too. My dad was a bass player who played back up as a studio musician in Muscle Shoals in the 1960’s, a historic time in music for the state of Alabama. Appreciation for music and the arts is in my blood. Since following Southbound I have been introduced to bands I would have never even considered or heard of. I love Saint Paul and the Broken Bones, The Clay States and my personal favorite Terry Ohms and Them. You won’t see me at Bottletree on any given Saturday night unless Vulture Whale is playing, but I do enjoy live music and always benefit personally from the sounds of the music scene in the Magic City. Some of our very close friends are the most talented local musicians I know. If you have heard the names Les Nuby, Wes McDonald, Jake Waitzman, or Keelan Parrish then you started reading this article to see if I knew what I was talking about. There is a long list of other musicians and including Jessie Payne, Lauren Michael Sellers and Megan Elliott just to name a few.

On Saturday July 20th Michael and David, for the second year in a row, are hosting the SOUTHBOUD MUSIC FESTIVAL. It is at Avondale Brewery from 2pm-midnight. Ten dollars to get in and hear the vocal and acoustic styling’s of up and coming local bands plus some Bham staples. This year, as David and Michael would say, they are pulling a lot of great local music out of their BIG BAG OF AWESOME. So come on out, support you local radio station, support your local musicians and support your local brewery. It is like all good things in Birmingham wrapped up into a nice little Von Trap Family Singers Package. See poster on this blog for line up.

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