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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

No I am not a Chi O I Just Love Owls

Recent Owl gifted by a dear friend
You are my very close friend if you know I love owls.  I have them everywhere.  On my key chain, in my house, and I have tons of owl jewelry.  The first comments I get when folks noticed my owls are, "Oh you must have been a Chi O."  The owl is one of the symbols for the Chi O sorority. No, not a Chi O, but I seriously considered them during rush at Alabama.  I dropped them before serious night because I knew deep down I was pledging  SDT(the jewish sorority at BAMA) and did not want to hurt my best friend from camps feelings by missing out on her heart felt rendition of Wind Beneath My Wings at the ADPi House. Phi Mu was also a favorite of mine on serious night, I think their mascot is a lion. SDT's symbol is a Torch, not as exciting as an owl, but it burns eternally!!

My obsession with owls is way less cool than college sorority mascots.  My interest in owls started after I read Harry Potter.  There was something magical and mystical about them, and so it began.  Owls can be cute, haunting, serious and sometimes scary.   In some fork lore they represent wisdom and helpfulness, and have powers of prophecy. There was a big owl decor break out in the 70's and it has made a comeback.  I like to think my interest in owls came before the recent trend.

Because my husband is really good at the little things, he has bought me an assortment of owl paraphernalia over the years.  I have come across some of my own finds and sweet friends have gifted me precious owl ornaments and such.  So much so that I wanted to share some of my collection here. 

My most recent finds where yesterday at this antique store next to Golden Rule on Crestwood Blvd. I could have stayed in that place all day, but I found these two little gems below for under ten dollars each.

Wall hanging Basket

Below are some of my favorite gifts from friends and family

Stain Glass from Amano
 By local Artist Liz Defuniack Landgren

Earnings and necklace 

This little pepper shaker lost his salt friend in a kitchen accident.
And Below is my favorite gift from last Christmas, Naked Art in Forest Park.

What is you favorite??

1 comment:

New England said...

I love owls, too. :) Like yourself, I loved them far before they became a cool, trend. I've never met an owl I haven't fallen in love with! :)

Wish you the greatest in your growing, owl, collection!