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Monday, July 8, 2013

My First Pinterest Project

In my house is this antique side table that belonged to someone in my family. I believe it was my grandmother on my mom's side, but who knows. This table was in my bedroom in High School and went from sorority house, apartment, 13th street in Tuscaloosa and then to Vail, Colorado for two years. The table made the trip when I moved to Atlanta in 2001 and in 2006 made the trip to Birmingham where I settled down with Michael Paul Seale. I would never sell it but was thinking one day I would refinish it. Instead, I found a quick fix on Pinterest.

You can find it here:

All you need is vinegar and olive oil. It took me ten minutes tops. I mixed a half a cup vinegar and a half a cup olive oil and this is the result. Not to shabby!


Seale said...

So will our house smell like vinegar now?

Porch Swing Girl said...

No our house will not smell like vinegar. But thank you for posting on my blog:) LOVE YOU!

Linda Mason said...

Love this!!!!!!!

Linda Mason said...

Love this!!!!!!!