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Sunday, July 7, 2013

How Mountain Brook Trading Turned Me Into The Peddler on the Roof

This past winter I was trying to find ways to make an extra buck here and there without having to do some of the small jobs I was growing out of time for like babysitting or tutoring. I thought selling my stuff on Mountain Brook Trading might earn an extra buck or two. I had been on the site before and was overwhelmed by well let’s just say the Mountain Brook-ness of it all. I have lived 7 years in Mountain Brook, but I am not from here. I am from Huntsville and the closest we get to being like Mountain Brook is well, not being like Mountain Brook. Don’t get me wrong, I love my community here it has done well by me so far, but in Huntsville what you see is what you get. We are a different kind of crazy and we like it that way. I think it has something to do with being closer to Appalachia. Well honey let me tell you, when those Mountain Brook ladies started pulling out their heirlooms, and their designer baby clothes and putting them on Facebook, it was like the night the lights went out at the Birmingham Junior League Bargain Carousel. The only two words one needed to know around here were Mountain Brook and Trading. Everybody wanted a piece of the designer, classic, blue blood country club action that MB is known for. While I was trying to post my last season 9.5 size Steve Madden boots I was getting looked over by Coach sunglasses, Louie Vuitton bags, designer onesies and $600.00 newly distressed curio cabinets. Honestly there was some good solid merchandise at great prices for sale too, but I was trying to make money. I felt overwhelmed, overlooked and I just gave up. Then in early May my husband’s doctor told him he needed to take the summer off from umpiring baseball. Michael’s body was overheating too much in the heat due to a recent heart condition. It was so hard for him to give up, not only because he loves it, he loves the extra money he makes for us. That income helped make our summer a little brighter. So I decided to try MBT again. I was posting things left and right and actually had the time to keep up with it all while protecting my already hectic summer. I made it my full time summer job, balancing out my wants and my needs. Not only did MBT bring out the sales person in me, it gave my friend Katy and I the idea to have an impromptu garage sale at her house in Homewood.
We were both selling things here and there online. Keeping up with everything on MBT was time consuming and we both needed to purge our twenties. Well she is in her late 20's, for me it is more like my twenties and my mid to late thirties. But who is counting? We did so well at our sale by advertising on MBT and Homewood Trading that I decided to do it all again in Huntsville. I drove to Huntsville the next week and with the help from my friend Susie got on all their local trading sights and advertised the “H-E- double hockey sticks” out of my sale at my moms house. I worked so hard and purged a ton of my childhood items, my moms junk closet and some furniture we knew we would not miss in 20 years. Even our neighbor threw some stuff in the mix and gave me 50 percent of her sales. I loved it. Meeting all the people is the best. It is funny the things people buy. One lady turned her nose up at 50 cent stainless steel fork. One man left with joy over an antique clock we marked high in price that used to hang in the first jewelry store in Huntsville. It was a good sale.
In saying all that my first annoyance with Mountain Brook Trading has now turned into a little summer business for me. I do not sell everything I post there, and I keep close what is important to me. I have been a pack rat for so many years the opportunities are endless though. Whether it be online or at my next garage sale, THANK YOU Mountain Brook Trading for entertaining me with knock down drag out fights over a lululemon top. Dixie Carter the Designer Woman herself would be proud we have somehow salvaged some class and ease after it all is said and done. THANK YOU for the spark it fired in me to sell my items. I am driving all over Birmingham with shoes, dresses and candle sticks in my trunk. My husband started calling me the Peddler on the Roof. If you know anything about my family, in 1917 my very wealthy for the time Great Grandmother escaped Russia with her children during the Bolshevik Revolution, traveling across Europe selling some of their wares to get to America. They arrived with a few pieces of silver and some jewelry that we hold dear today and would never think of selling. My husband says selling our wares is in my blood. All I am trying to do is pay our cable bill. And he is a true saint for umpiring all these years in the summer heat. After one garage sale I felt dehydrated and so tired I could not eat or move. I can’t imagine how he feels after four games on a Saturday in June. I know my Grandmother Manya is looking down at me proud that I have found a creative way to contribute to my family. Even if it is only for the Summer! Today I made my first purchase ever on Mountain Brook Trading. Kelley Green Linen Drapes from Pottery Barn. Three Panels for $45, WHAT A DEAL! I get the “just got paid and spending money” part from my dad’s side.


Carla Jean said...

Love the drapes! MBT is a hoot. Sometimes I love it, sometimes I hate it--but when I'm selling, I'm always loving. :)

Porch Swing Girl said...

Carla Jean,

I agree. I saw a bunch of your cute stuff on there yesterday, but I am not a size 0. I think my right thigh might be a zero. Thanks for reading!

Casey said...

Hello! Okay, I've gone everywhere trying to find these Kelley Green Linen Drapes you posted but they're absolutely nowhere to be found. I've tried Pottery Barn, but they don't sell them anymore. Do you know of anywhere else that I can get these beautiful curtains?