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Sunday, July 14, 2013

For the Gleeks of the Week

I was so sadden to hear that Cory Monteith  passed away over the weekend.  I am a Glee fan.  I am confident enough to write this blog now.  But at 14 I would have secretly hidden my sadness over this from my big brother and then made a GLEE mixed tape.  High School kids dancing around giddily in their letter jackets singing cheesy Journey songs would have been a good big brother target at the time.   Now grown with two girls, I am sure he would understand:)

In my house today, GLEE is my little guilty pleasure.  Glee has introduced so many old songs to todays generation and more than that, promoted diversity for all types of teens struggling to find a place in life.   The millennials move a little to fast for me sometimes, but the all American voice and character, Finn, that Monteith played on Glee brought some balance to this fast moving world.

More importantly, for the younger viewer to remember,  his struggle with addiction off screen is a real thing.  The problems teenagers have on Glee get fixed in one or two episodes or one season.  Maybe it will resonate and be a reminder that fame and fortune don't always bring happiness, this is real life.   Although Monteith seemed to work hard and achieve fame with natural talent, I recently read he was openly fighting this battle for some time.  I wish him peace.  Although gone from this earth, he will always be remembered as Finn, who never stopped believing.

R.I.P Cory.  This one is for you...

Gleek Out.

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