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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Still Born to Fly

I crossed over this video a today posted on Sara Evans' Facebook page and it brought back some great memories so I immediately started writing this blog.  You can watch herehttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8xvhutWc67k

A little while ago let's say 2004- 2005 I was living in Atlanta, wishing and hoping planning and dreaming.  Every Thursday night my girlfriends and I would do happy hour with work friends at this Irish Pub McDuffs in Buckhead.  McDuffs had a juke box and to start the night we would play the same 8-10 songs every Thursday.  One of those songs was always Born to Fly by Sara Evans.  We were all young and had dreams of brown eyed boys in our future.   We were wild and free and trying to keep our feet on the ground.  Sara's song was our anthem.

Fast forward a few years later, I was married and living in Birmingham and Sara Evans had just recently married Alabama football star Jay Barker and moved to Birmingham too. My husband is a little league football coach and her son ended up on Michael's team.  I got the chance to meet Sara and her sweet husband Jay.  At first when I saw her I was stand offish because I did not want to be a weird fan and overwhelm her, but as the season went on I realized I was silly to not approach her more.  She is kind and cool and just like everybody else.  I finally got the nerve to talk to her and tell her Born to Fly was a instrumental part of my 20's.  It was also a song I chose to put on our weddng CD.  Michael is not a country music fan so Sara was just another member of our community and sweet mom on his football team. It was cool getting to know her a little bit that year and is always nice to run into Sara or Jay at the ball park and such. 

Watching the video today brought up some sentimental memories.  The kind of memories that make you smile, when you are paying bills, or dealing with the real life everyday stuff like health and family and stuff that boggles your mind.  The song's lyrics takes on a different meaning in my life today.  I lucked out and found my brown eyed boy,  yet there are still things I want in my life that seem out of reach.  I feel like I am running out of time some days.  When I hear that song I am reminded that God's best for me and the people in my life is yet to come, we still have so much time.  I always strive to keep my feet on the ground and I will always be born to fly.

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