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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Politics: My Up Close But Not Too Personal

I tend to keep my beliefs close to my heart. Most of the time I stand by the etiquette that one should never talk about religion, politics or money in mixed company. I am always fearful I will offend someone or be wrongly judged. At the same time I am working on not judging others.

Most recently, during this political year, I have zipped my lip at work, social functions and resisted the urge to post my political opinion on my Facebook page. I guess I feel that if I share my viewpoint with the world I would in some way be pressing my beliefs on others. I still struggle with candidness in regards to politics. I would never survive on The VIEW.

Over the years I have grown into my beliefs and feel that my political decisions made in the past were true representations of my lifestyle at the time. I have voted Democrat and Republican. I have been a feminist, a conservative, a liberal and independent. I stand by a principle that sometimes our country moves too far to the right, and sometimes too far to the left. Somewhere in the middle is where I stand, and I vote accordingly.

My political rant is usually saved for my husband and extended family. I know they will offer reassurance if they agree with my opinion, and an enlightened debate if they do not. This blog is probably the closest I will ever get to publicly stating my political outlook. I think both candidates do have our best interests in mind. I also think my choice for President is the best choice for me.

I hear intolerable comments all the time in regards to our presidential candidates and political parties. Some are laughable, some just plain ignorant. Like Anne Frank I truly believe that despite everything, people are really good at heart. Beyond the debates, Sarah Palin’s wardrobe, Main Street, health care, tax cuts, Joe the Plumber and the CEO… the winner of this election is what we get. Like it or not.

The message I want to put out there before November 4th is: Be more open minded while remaining true to your self. Make educated decisions. We as individual Americans should be personally accountable for our own actions on both sides of the ticket. If who ever comes out on top is not your choice, try and find the good in him. Say a little prayer for him. He is going to need it.