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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

When I Am Famous and They Make a Movie About Me....

…I want Ann Hathaway to play me. It used to be Sandra Bullock, but now I kind of dig Ann. She is classy, has style and seems down to earth. I like to think I embody those qualities. She played Jane Austen. I love Jane Austen. Works for me. She might need to practice her Southern accent a bit, but I think she could pull it off.

Oh come on!!!! Think I am crazy? We all have thought about our perfect star double at some point. I even have present day stars picked out for some of my friends when they get famous. Yes, this is what I do when I can’t sleep at night.

Sarah, KIRSTEN DUNST. Redheads. Smart and cool, calm, collected but with an edge.

Susie Swanson–KATE HUDSON. Young, beautiful, can pull off Channel in flip flops...green cutting eyes.

Manders-SANDRA DEE. Had to use a blast from the past, they don't make'um like Manders anymore. Classy and bubbly.

Avie- RACHEL RAY. If there was a movie based on Avie's life, it would air on the Food Network. EVO anyone?

Alison-KELLY RIPA. This woman knows what she wants!!

Meredith-BRIDGETTE MOYNAHAN. Hey, Bridgette hooked up with Tom Brady. Who can complain?

Kristin-KEIRA KNIGHTLEY. Both are tall, thin and mysterious.

I have so many star worthy friends, I could go on for pages. This blog might have to be continued until the next time I can't sleep...

Later, my peeps.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Village Finds

Where we live in Mountain Brook there are three little Villages all within a mile of each other. Mountain Brook Village, Crestline Village and English Village.

On the weekends I work at a really nice baby store located in Crestline Village, Once Upon a Time. The clothes there for baby are to die for and the linens so VERY nice. I love working there becasue everyone who shops is so upbeat and positive. The pregnant women are so cute and fun to help out. I can't wait until I am one of those women, all plump and jolly. One day.

Once Upon a Time also does monogramming and I take full advantage of the service!!! For a wedding gift I got some really nice chocolate brown towells. I never got the matching set, and when I went back to Dillards to close out my registry, they were all sold out. I did not see the use in returning the towells because we always need extra. I decided to have monogramming done on the one set I do have, and use them for guest towels. I chose an ivory thread. I have the white matching set my mom bought me recently waiting for me in Huntsville. When I pick those up I plan on using the same ivory thread so the mongram looks muted and more subtle. I realy like the way the "S" for "Seale" turned out.

Here are the towells:

The sweet angel candle in the picture is from one of my favorite stores in Mountain Brook Village, Amano. I got the candle on sale right after Christmas. I think angels are appropriate all year, not just Christmas time. We always need an angel on our shoulder guiding us in the right direction.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Work Out Tunes

This time of year is always tough for me. Still Winter, not quit Spring yet. Some days I need a little pick me up. Exercise always does the trick. I have a WORKOUT file on my ipod. I change it up a couple times a month. Using songs that inspire me to get off the couch is key. If I am not walking down Euclid Avenue in my neighborhood, you can find me at the JCC (Levit Jewish Community Center http://www.bhamjcc.org/).

The JCC is the BOMB. I love to swim laps there in the summer.

We are lucky to be so close to the J.

WORKOUT Songs this week are:

Warm Up:
Ireplaceable, Beyonce
Baba O'Riley, The Who

Work out:
All these Things I've Done, The Killers
Under Pressure, Queen and David Bowe
Sexyback, Justin Timberlake
Gimme More, Britney Spears
No One, Alicia Keys

Cool Down:

Friday, February 1, 2008

When I Was in Sixth Grade

In this picture I am in sixth grade with my mom, the teacher. These days I am a teacher. I work every day at Mountain Brook Elementary School as their permanent substitute. I never know who I am going to be or what grade I am teaching half the time. I play math teacher, librarian, art teacher, music teacher, mother for a day and hall monitor just to name a few. Most of all I strive to be a friend to all the wonderful children in my school, especially the 6th graders.

Today I was in 6th grade math and I noticed the teacher had a passage about her life in sixth grade posted on her board. I thought it was neat that she was letting the children see the world through her eyes when she was their age. What a bright way to connect with your students. It inspired me to write about my sixth grade memories. The world according to a twelve year old 20 years later…

When I Was in Sixth Grade
By: Mrs. Seale

When I was in sixth grade I had braces. My mom finally let me get bangs.
My best friends(depending on what day it was) were Mandy Morgan, Alison Hopper then Lauren Doyle and Sarah Merritt.
My brother was a sophomore in College.
I had a crush on Robby Rowan.
My favorite book was Sweet Valley High.

My favorite thing was my RED Liz Claiborne purse.
My favorite subject was reading. Favorite Teacher, Mrs. Battle the English teacher. Mrs. Battle's husband was a judge. I was a pre-teen model.

My reading teacher had us read one chapter from "To Kill a Mocking Bird". The chapter in which Atticus kills the wild dog.
In Library the next week I checked out “To Kill a Mocking Bird” and wrote, “Robby Rowan is fine" on the back cover. In 8th Grade I coincidentally checked out the same copy and forgot to return it before 8th grade graduation. I have it on my bookshelf today. Somebody who had the book before me wrote the word “How” in pen above the title.

In 6th grade I took ballet and celebrated my 6th year in the Nutcracker dancing in the role of a MOUSE.
I was a swimmer and the last leg swimming freestyle on the Piedmont Pool 11-12 girls medley relay. I was the fastest freestyle swimmer in my age group that summer.

In 6th grade I cried for two days because I did not make cheerleading, but two of my best friends did.

My favorite TV shows were Punky Brewster and Family Ties.
Favorite Song, Livin on a Prayer by Bon-Jovi.
My favorite game was spotlight; all the neighborhood friends played it.
My favorite place to eat was Mr. Gatti's Pizza.
My friends and I loved to ride our bikes to Dairy Queen and the Mall (both a mile from my house).

When I was in 6th grade my Dad went to London with the Navy for two weeks and brought back the CD Broadway Soundtrack Les Miserables. I listened to it just about every day until I was 16. I have the poster he also brought home framed in my living room today.

On the last day of school in 6th grade my dad picked me up and a six-week-old Siberian Husky was sitting in the passengers seat. He had one blue eye and one brown eye. Alison Hopper named him Mojo.

I loved sixth grade and I love my sixth graders today.