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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Village Finds

Where we live in Mountain Brook there are three little Villages all within a mile of each other. Mountain Brook Village, Crestline Village and English Village.

On the weekends I work at a really nice baby store located in Crestline Village, Once Upon a Time. The clothes there for baby are to die for and the linens so VERY nice. I love working there becasue everyone who shops is so upbeat and positive. The pregnant women are so cute and fun to help out. I can't wait until I am one of those women, all plump and jolly. One day.

Once Upon a Time also does monogramming and I take full advantage of the service!!! For a wedding gift I got some really nice chocolate brown towells. I never got the matching set, and when I went back to Dillards to close out my registry, they were all sold out. I did not see the use in returning the towells because we always need extra. I decided to have monogramming done on the one set I do have, and use them for guest towels. I chose an ivory thread. I have the white matching set my mom bought me recently waiting for me in Huntsville. When I pick those up I plan on using the same ivory thread so the mongram looks muted and more subtle. I realy like the way the "S" for "Seale" turned out.

Here are the towells:

The sweet angel candle in the picture is from one of my favorite stores in Mountain Brook Village, Amano. I got the candle on sale right after Christmas. I think angels are appropriate all year, not just Christmas time. We always need an angel on our shoulder guiding us in the right direction.

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