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Saturday, November 17, 2007

Farwell to Disposable Cameras, Hello Six Toe Cats

Yesterday Michael and I got our Key West/Honeymoon pics back. They are not so great because we did not have a digital camera on the trip. Today I ordered a digital camera off of QVC. I was really worried about it, but I decided that ordering from QVC maybe wasn't so bad. They really have some cool stuff on Saturday mornings. I watch every Saturday morning, dream of ordering and never do. I ordered a Kodak Camera, Kodak 5x Zoom 12.0 Megapixel Digital Camera w/2.5" Diag LCD. I was SO EXCITED after I did it. They made the camera look so AWESOME on TV. After ordering I went online to see if they had any more info about the camera on the QVC website. I noticed a review section......WOW, there were a ton of bad reviews on the camera I just purchased. There were also a ton of GREAT reviews. Verdict is still out, I might be sending my first QVC purchase back.

Below are highlights of the our favorite Honeymoon moments via photomontage. Why bore y'all with the intimate details, pics are much better!

Introducing Conch Fritters
The best thing I have tasted in a long while. They rip out the meat from a conch shell and make a fritter. Easy, simple and delicious. Every restaurant we went to I ordered conch fritters. I wanted to find the best on the island. These, from The Conch Farm, were the best and they were the cheapest. I liked the bite size, yummmm melts in your mouth. The Conch Farm is an open air warehouse, bar and restaurant. All the fresh fish comes there first, then the Conch Farm people sell it to all the other restuarants on the island. The food is great and very affordable, especially since you are eating the freshest fish in town!

Six Toe Cats!
Numerous artists and writers have passed through Key West but the two most associated with the island are Ernest Hemingway and Tennessee Williams. Ernest and Tennessee happen to be my favorite writers. We went to the Hemingway House to hang out with the 47 cats that live there. About half of the cats at the house are polydactyl, which means they have extra toes. Hemingway had a six-toe cat named Snowball, given to him by a sea captain when he moved to Key West. Most if not all of the cats on the property are direct decedents of this one cat. They just keep breeding and having more six toed cats!! They NEVER leave the property, and legend has it they are waiting for Hemingway to come back to his beloved home in Key West. Check out the pics, their feet look like mittens!!! WEIRD yet so INTERSTING!!

Move over Ponce De Leon!
Here I stand on some rocks that jet out from the beach where Ponce De Leon first landed. He was looking for the fountain of Youth. Good thing I still have my youth, or I might not have been able to make it to the edge of these slippery and dangerous rocks!!

Hotel Pool, Not So Shabby
We spent most of our time here, Go figure.

Generic Honeymoon Photos
First Night...
Last Night...
Notice how we are pale the first night, and tan the last night. We had awesome weather!

The honeymoon was great. On Halloween night we went on a GHOST tour. We ran out of film, so we do not have any freaky pictures of "Robert the Doll" (the ghost "chucky" from "Childs Play" was based on) or scary old sea captains in the grave yard...sorry. Our tour guide was drunk too, that was scary in its self. We will be returning to Key West and can't wait to see more of this strange, yet interesting island located at the southern most point in the Us.SEE YA LATER.......


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ginger said...

You're right! Those cats *do* look like they have mittens on!

...and it is funny how much darker the two of you are after a couple of days! I'm so glad you had a great time!!

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