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Wednesday, August 8, 2007

There is Just one Kind of Folk. May Folk.

When I tell people that I am going to my family reunion in Quitman, Missississi they automatically assume that my family is from Quitman. Wrong. Antonio Mcdise, famed basketball
player, Alabama alum and NBA basketball star is from Quitman…and that is about it. Quitman’s other claim to fame is Clarkco Sate Park where the May family has been holding our reunion for the past 24 years.

You see, the May family is not originally from Mississippi. Way way back we were from North Carolina, I think that is why we all look like tall mountain people. Over the years the May’s all migrated to Mississippi and surrounding areas like Tuscaloosa. Now we are scattered about mostly in Mississippi, Louisiana and Alabama. Quitman is the middle ground.

Michael and I went this year to see all the relatives and spend time with my folks. My dad has the perfect way to describe the May Family. He told Michael, “Think BMW’s and gun racks."

On Friday we cooked out and went to an ice cream social. Saturday was the big meal. There are usually 8 different kinds of butter beans to choose from. The family dynamic changes every year. Sometimes there are less of us, sometimes more. But there are usually the staple groups, and that is whom I come to see. The small children grow older and I’m reminded of the times when I was a little girl looking up to my big cousins.

This year we stayed in a typical Clarkco Cabin. Our little wood cabin is where all the men gathered after dinner each night to play poker. They all sit on the back porch facing the lake. I like to sit on the porch and listen to my cousins and uncles talk. You find out more about your family after your relatives have a couple beers. If you are an outsider, like my Michael, and you can hang at the poker table then you will have no problem making friends. I think Michael did all right, it may take a couple more years until he is truly “In the Family”.

Over all the week was wonderful! Check out the scenes my mom captured on her digital camera.

Sunset on Lake.

Lima Beans, Butter Beans, Baked Beans, Corn Bread, Fried Okra, Greens, Meat, Meat and more Meat.

Reading on Back Porch.

Talent Show.

Uncle Ken the minister is Marrying Michael and I, Here we are talking about ceremony.

Here Uncle Ken is singing She'll Be Coming Round the Mountain.

Here, I'm singing Sweet Caroline.

Caught in the act.

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