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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Old Friends, Sweet Tea and Me.

On August 18, some of my favorite people from Huntsville held a wedding shower for yours truly. It was fabulous. What a wonderful time to mingle and catch up. Some guests attending I have lost touch with. Sad to see so many years go by without frequent contact. I truly believe it is the friends you have as children that shape you as an adult.

The shower was held at the home of my friend Stephanie H., who has an eclectic style and is a hostess with southern charm and grace. We started out by her pool with mimosas and proceeded in doors to escape the record-breaking heat of over 100 degrees.

Served inside was a delightful dish of Carol M’s famous chicken salad! The fruit cup on the side was made the old fashioned way with watermelon scooped out in cute little balls of sweetness! The drink of Choice…Sweet Tea of course!

After sweet tea and chicken salad I opened mountains of gifts. I have to say I get the prize for the best assortment of shower gifts! We did not have a “themed shower”, and it worked out well in my favor. Among some of the prize possessions was a wrought iron and tin beer tub, monogrammed apron, my favorite scent candle from the Southerness Candle company and cherished pieces of Kate Spade China just to name a few.

One more engagement party in September and then the Big Day! I can’t wait to blog about the Rehearsal Dinner, We are having it in a haunted old Antebellum House in Huntsville. Stay Tuned.

Check out more pics from the Shower:
Me and the Hostess with the Mostess

Huntsville Girls

Art Work in Casa De Stephanie



ginger said...

Hi Robin! I'm waiting to see your wedding and honeymoon pics! I don't have your personal email address, so email me (you have mine) when you get a chance - I'd love to hear all about it!

BTW, I went to Michael's blog to see if he had any posted, and ugh! He doesn't like Shug's name?? That must be some kind of where-you-grew-up thing because I went to school with a bunch of boys with two names (and I still know all but one of them so I don't know about that one) that have kept both of them. Never thought about it being trendy. Um, maybe I should have left this part of my comment on Michael's blog! :)

ANYway, I hope you are doing great & I am so proud of you!! Email me!

Love you!

ginger said...

BTW, sorry again that we couldn't make it to the wedding. Av had something he had to cover that weekend and we only got to do anything fun for just one afternoon. I know it was great and wonderful and I really wish we could have been there with you!