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Friday, June 29, 2007

Dinner Party Dame

This weekend Michael and I are having our first wedding festivity. I know I have been writing a bunch about getting married. But, getting married is what I am dealing with right now. Maybe we will actually do something soon that does not involve wedding stuff. For instance, my family reunion in Mississippi, stay tuned for more on that topic.

Michael’s dear old friends Christina and Wally and their brood are hosting our special event. They have a interesting and wonderful old house located on a hill in Birmingham. There so many things to talk about and secret corners to explore on their property. The first Conductor for the Birmingham Symphony Orchestra owned the house in the early 1900's. The Orchestra used to practice on the back deck in the round. The walls of the patio are shaped in a semicircle and the acoustics are perfect. If you sit on one end of the wall and whisper into the concrete, the person sitting on the other end can hear every word you are whispering. Spooky.

Michael and I are just so thrilled to finally get to celebrate our engagement with friends and family around. Christina is known for her parties. She sets up large tables of food and drinks. The flowers and set up always has a special touch. She does all the preparation herself and takes control of the kitchen. Christina is like a good mix of Julie Childs and my Russian Granny, Manya. She ads sugar and liquor to everything.

The last party we attended at Christina and Wally’s we arrived at 1pm and did not make it home until… well, almost 1am. I guess that gives you an idea of how much fun it is to socialize at Christina’s house.

I can’t wait to write more. The pictures will be snazzy too.

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