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Friday, June 29, 2007

Dinner Party Dame

This weekend Michael and I are having our first wedding festivity. I know I have been writing a bunch about getting married. But, getting married is what I am dealing with right now. Maybe we will actually do something soon that does not involve wedding stuff. For instance, my family reunion in Mississippi, stay tuned for more on that topic.

Michael’s dear old friends Christina and Wally and their brood are hosting our special event. They have a interesting and wonderful old house located on a hill in Birmingham. There so many things to talk about and secret corners to explore on their property. The first Conductor for the Birmingham Symphony Orchestra owned the house in the early 1900's. The Orchestra used to practice on the back deck in the round. The walls of the patio are shaped in a semicircle and the acoustics are perfect. If you sit on one end of the wall and whisper into the concrete, the person sitting on the other end can hear every word you are whispering. Spooky.

Michael and I are just so thrilled to finally get to celebrate our engagement with friends and family around. Christina is known for her parties. She sets up large tables of food and drinks. The flowers and set up always has a special touch. She does all the preparation herself and takes control of the kitchen. Christina is like a good mix of Julie Childs and my Russian Granny, Manya. She ads sugar and liquor to everything.

The last party we attended at Christina and Wally’s we arrived at 1pm and did not make it home until… well, almost 1am. I guess that gives you an idea of how much fun it is to socialize at Christina’s house.

I can’t wait to write more. The pictures will be snazzy too.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

The Southern Jewish American Princess Bride

Planning a wedding can be hectic, crazy and most of all stressful. When Michael and I talked about getting married early on we decided to keep the wedding about us. We have seen so many friends get overwhelmed with guest lists, showers, in-laws, religion and crazy wedding planners. All of the sudden the big day turned into a show for everyone else but the bride and groom.

I was born and raised in the South, “Small Wedding”, is not in my vocabulary. I actually started out wanting a smaller wedding but then realized that half of Mississippi and Alabama is related to me. Now, every trip to the Publix I end up running into someone I just HAVE to invite! Since I was 6 my mom told me to kill everyone with kindness. Now look where that got me. My guest list is looking like pages 1-50 in the Madison County phone book.

Planning showers and making excel sheets has become do or die. The perfect dress for the perfect party is never perfect enough. There has been so much time worrying about whom, what, when and how - I have forgotten the bottom line, my marriage to the most adorable man alive.

Life is not going to end if I do not have 5 different Kitchen, Bath, Bar-Tool-Garden-Patio showers. And my best friend from 5th period in 11th grade probably won’t get her feelings hurt when she does not make the invitation list, even if we did run into each other in Publix … twice.

Our wedding date awaits and the rest of the summer will be filled with butterflies and anticipation. I can’t wait to celebrate with friends and family. I guarantee not all of Alabama will be there but hopefully some special folks we have been blessed to meet along the way.


BY GAYDEN METCALFE AND CHARLOTTE HAYS- Funny realistic book about weddings below the Mason Dixon Line, interspersed with recipes and tales of weddings past.

BY ALLISON MOIR-SMITH-Guides the bride through the honest highs and lows of engagement. Great Read, every engaged women should read this.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Wedding Registry

Hi Friends and Family. Many of you have been asking me where Michael and I are registered. I never thought about posting this info on my blog until my friend from work decided to post her baby registry on her blog. She said she felt weird about it at first, but it has been so helpful for her friends and family to have a welcoming guide.

With the crazy lives we all lead these days etiquette is constantly changing. Making it easy for others is absolutely acceptable. Word of mouth works in most cases, but for out of town people accessing an online registry with ease is appreciated. I hope this helps.

Want to Walk in:
Lawrens- Huntsville
Brombergs-Mountain Brook
The Cook Store-Mountain Brook
Crate and Barrel

Online shoppers:


My china pattern can be seen in the above photo. The name of the pattern is Pompano Point, Kate Spade. I love it and all the items I registered for! This is so exciting. I can’t wait to celebrate then decorate!

Monday, June 11, 2007

The Garden Party

This past Friday The Huntsville Community Ballet Association held the Annual Antebellum Garden Party at the home of Mark and Henri McDaniel in Huntsville, Ala. Michael and I attended.

The Garden Party is a tradition in my family. My late Grandmother, Manya Marcus, help start the event over 30 years ago. Manya was known for her culinary genius in Huntsville. She would prepare food weeks in advance to get ready for the Garden Party.

This year there was a silent auction with some very nice items. Michael and I bid on two lamps from a local boutique. We stayed close to the table so we could stalk out those trying to out bid. It was entertaining standing off to the side like detectives. We noticed many people pondering over the lamps, but in the end we rode home with our prize. All proceeds went to the Ballet of course.

After the auction we sat at candle lit tables, ate dinner and watched members of the Huntsville Ballet Company perform on stage. The dancers looked beautiful and the music and choreography added culture and happiness to the humid June night.

I saw many people I have not seen in years. My beautiful friend Susie joined us with her mother Lynn and we watched my mother scurrying around taking pictures and talking with local media. Some people did not want their picture taken, but my mom shot them anyway. She is a great Publicity Chairman for the Ballet and loved by many, even those who did not want their picture taken.

Maybe one day I can help out with the party. These days they hire catering companies to provide food for the event. I think it would be nice to do what my grandmother did years ago and hold large meetings where ladies sit and roll cheese balls, bake piecrusts and gossip about past garden parties and events around town.

This was the Dinner Menu: Chicken, Pork Tenderloin, Grilled Herb Potatoes, Roasted Vegetables, Marinated Tomatoes, Lima Bean and Corn Salad. Also included were Buttermilk Tarts, Blueberry Cheesecake, Chocolate Dipped Strawberries and Brownies.

If you would like to find out more about Community Ballet Association, please check out the website, http://www.communityballet.org/

Monday, June 4, 2007

Muffy Sue Buffington, Please Invite me to Supper Club

For those of you who have never heard of Muffy Sue Buffington, let me elaborate…About 15 or so years ago my brother wrote for his college newspaper. In his column he introduced a character named Muffy Sue Buffington. We all knew Muffy Sue, she was the girl working towards her MRS. degree. She had hair like the Breck Girls and if she smoked, she did it sittin' down. Double name and double trouble during Wednesday night chapter at the Sorority house. The original multi-tasker.

Today you can find Muffy Sue at the local Piggly Wiggly, little league game or elementary school parking lot. She is dressed in her tennis outfit and gabbing about how Clair Rosenberger is not good enough for Junior League because of last weeks “whisky shot” incident at Supper Club. Poor Clair.

Do not get me wrong; today’s Muffy does not always have that much time on her hands. Watch out for the Volvo Station Wagon with three kids in the back seat and high heels in the front. She holds Starbucks in left hand and cell phone in right. Multi-tasking takes on a whole new meaning. Muffy can bring home the bacon and cook it too.

I think there is a little bit of Muffy Sue in most girls from the South, whether we what to admit it or not. I myself love a good book club and local ladies group.

So here’s to the Muffy Sue Buffington in all us girls. If you hang out at the Pig or run laps in the boardroom, please invite me to Supper Club I won’t forget the Jack Daniels.