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Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Looking at the Golden Gate

This is a picture of Michael and I in San Francisco. I have been there many times, but it was Michael’s first trip. My Brother Brett lives in San Fran. He is married to a smart pretty girl named Beth and they have a beautiful daughter named Piper Quinn May. We are looking at the Golden Gate Bridge in this picture. It was Thanksgiving morning. We walked down to the Marina near our hotel to check out the scene. There were dogs with their owners everywhere and waves crashing against the rocks. My dad and mom were with us. My mom was smiling and my dad was carrying his coffee.

When we go visit Brett, we always stay at the Hotel Del Sol. Check it out here

Hotel Del Sol was a motor lodge in the 50's. The rooms are small and cute. Some rooms have a suite and a separate bedroom. If you are going to San Fran on vacation, you should not be sitting in your room. The Del Sol provides a lively atmosphere and is in walking distance to great restaurants and parks. You are a short cab ride away from Downtown San Fran, Pier 39 and China Town. They serve coffee, OJ and treats for breakfast. There is a large hammock in the courtyard and a small pool for swimming. The drive-in area has a yellow brick road just like the Wizard of Oz. Best of all the Del Sol is affordable. If you go the right time of year you can get a great deal.

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