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Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Cinco De Marriage

This weekend we are going to Atlanta. My Friend Alison is having her engagement party. Alison is marrying a nice boy named Edward. They are the great looking couple in this picture. When all is said and done her name will be Alison Krugman Crump. What a tongue Twister!!

My Birthday is on Friday, May 4th. Last year Alison threw my 30th Birthday Party and called it “Cinco De Robin”. This year since her engagement party is on May 5th we are calling the engagement party “Cinco De Marriage.”

Last year at my birthday party we made Margarita’s. Alison mixed 4 parts frozen margarita mix, 4 parts Lemon Lime Soda and some Tequila (I am not sure how much, I guess it depends on how much fun you want to have) and put it in a large cooler with cut up limes. It was so cute and festive!!

I do not think that the ladies giving Alison and Edward a party will have Margarita’s in a cooler. I am guessing we will have wine and beer and nice hors d'ovoures, I’m looking forward to it. I can't wait to see what everybody will be wearing.

While we are in Atlanta I am going to register at Crate And Barrel. I think Michael is over registering, but we are going and picking out some great stuff! If anyone has any suggestions on registering suggestions are welcome. We also registered at Macy's and Dillards and Lawrens in case anyone wants to buy us a plate or a knife or a pot holder or something like that:)

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