A little bit about Robin

I was born in raised in Alabama and am proud of my Southern roots. I love to write and share life experiences, thoughts, and crafty ideas about interesting things past and present. Welcome to my neck of the woods. Sit down and swing a while.

Monday, April 30, 2007

Grandma Pete

This s a picture of my Grandma Pete, my dad’s mother. She died when I was three years old. I'm pretty sure I loved her very much. I remember her voice. It sounded southern and coarse like an old time movie star. She looks just like me. My Uncle Ken sent me this picture. Uncle Ken keeps up with all the May Family history. My Grandmother is Frances Quinn May(Pete for short). She is obviously Irish. Her brothers called her Sweet Pete. One day I will tell you about my mom’s mother, Manya Robbins Marcus. She was from Lithuania and came over on the boat to America when she was 11 years old. I have one gold earring that came with her. My cousin Tammi has the other one. I am going to wear mine on my wedding day around my neck.

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Welcome To My Porch Swing

Welcome friends and family to my first blog page. My name is Robin Michelle May, soon to be Robin May Seale. When coming up with a name for this blog I decided to think of some of my favorite things. Lots of stuff came to mind! First off, my finance' Michael. He is funny, sweet, and every body I know says, "Oh Michael...he is one of my favorite people!"
So I decided not to call my blog "Michael" because that would not be original.

I also love eating fried green tomatoes, but Fannie Flagg already used that particular title. My favorite tree is the Weeping Willow, but "weeping" sounds so depressing and I want this to be a happy blog page. After much thought I decided on Robin's Porch Swing. Although I never owned one, I dream to one day. Porch swings are inviting and southern(like me)and invoke conversation. The constant swaying reassures happiness and comforts sadness. In saying that, welcome to my porch swing, please feel free to visit any time. I love new stories and old ones too.